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Services & Products

We are offering the following services and products to help you overcome your problems and make your company lead in the competition.

Network Design & Implementation

We provide networks designs and implement different topologies to give you the best experiences in network accessibility.

Internet & Intranet

We install high speed INTERNET networks across your company or your home. Also we are known for our local network connectivity tools.

ICT Infrastructure For Buildings

We create ICT infrastructure and integrated technology designs that support buildings and businesses on day one and into the future.

  • Telecom Closet design and installation
  • Conduit Layout for Horizontal Cabling System
  • Riser for Vertical Cabling System
  • Cable Ladder/Cable Tray Construction

High Speed Data & Internet Access Monitoring System (HSIA)

Software systems that allows monitoring & management of network bandwidths and INTERNET access.

Wireless LAN (Room, Indoor & Outdoor)

Installing a local area networks that doesn’t require wired connectivity seetings across rooms, indoors and outdoors.

Telephony Solutions

Setting up cross platform VOIP (Voice Over IP) communications. 

  • TDM (Time Division Multiplex) System
  • VoIP (Voice over IP) System

IP Based Interactive Video Solutions

Setting up video hosting platforms with detailed analytical tool-sets.

  • Interactive TV System
  • Video Conferencing System
  • Digital Signage

IP Based Physical & Surveillance Solutions

Setting up surveillance solutions for your home, building and business firms.

  • 180/360 degree panorama video surveillance system
  • Biometric access controls for doors, elevators, and other secured entries

Interactive Layer Application Solutions

Setting up and installing Rack Servers, Blade Servers and assisting your company with different storage solutions.

Hospitality Software Solutions

Installing system softwares for hotels and related sectors that can help you manage your company.

  • Property management system

  • Point of sales system

  • Food and beverage materials control system

  • Human Resource

  • Financial system

  • Fixed asset management

  • Quality management system

  • Online reservation

  • Telephone management

  • Membership and spa management

  • Engineering and maintenance

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