Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

WISCOM System Technology is to develop elegant and affordable IT Infrastructure Solutions that enable small to large businesses to establish visibility Online. Increase Sales and Improve productivity. WISCOM System Technology provide structured cabling system services for your existing or new infrastructure. We create a schematic of your current infrastructure/design a
solution to make your organization’s network more safe and secure.


Structured Cabling System

  • Fluke Test
  • Design of Cabling System
  • Fiber Optic Cabling with Splicing
  • Copper Cabling with Termination

Active Networking

  • Routing Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions

Data Center

Data Center is the backbones of businesses, host mission critical data and applications which is
essential for day-to-day operations of every organization. Every data center has a unique set of
network priorities, cost control, quick deployment and zero downtime and that is the reason why
we create highly-available, efficient and scalable solutions that are completely customized for
your business requirements.

Our services include:

  • DC Consulting & Audit
  • DC Design
  • DC Deployment & Migration
  • DC Maintenance & Support

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